Volleyball Outside Hitter: Who it is and 8 Special Tips

The outside hitter in volleyball holds a significant role within the team. Volleyball outside hitters possess incredible strength and skills. Their main responsibility is to excel in attacking. OH are considered one of the key players responsible for scoring points. If you’re drawn to the dynamic and high-impact role of an OH in volleyball, you’re in for an exciting journey on the court.

What is an Outside Hitter in Volleyball?

When you hear the term ‘outside hitter,’ you might imagine a player positioned on the periphery of the court. Picture yourself standing on the edge of the court, poised to unleash mighty spikes. It entails a combination of skills, athleticism, and strategic thinking to set you apart.

As an volleyball outside hitter, your role is multifaceted. Not only will you deliver powerful attacks from the left side of the court, but you will also play a pivotal part in defensive maneuvers. This demanding position offers a remarkable balance between challenge and fulfillment. It enables you to display your versatility and make a large impact on your team’s wins.

What Does the Outside Hitter Do in Volleyball?

The outside hitter in volleyball is a position that guarantees an action-packed adventure. As an outside hitter, your role revolves around being the driving force of your team’s offense. Your primary responsibility is to unleash powerful and strategic attacks from the left side of the court. It makes you the go-to player for putting points on the scoreboard.

Key Characteristics:

  • Attacking Prowess: Your ability to deliver powerful and precise attacks is crucial. With your explosive jumping ability and strong arm swing, you aim to score points. By attacking from various angles, you can exploit weaknesses in the block and find gaps in the defense.
  • Dynamic Court Coverage: Your role extends beyond offense. You play a crucial role in defense, requiring quickness and agility. Your lateral movement skills allow you to cover a large area of the court. This makes it challenging for the opposition to find gaps in the defense. Your ability to chase down balls and contribute to blocking efforts is vital..
  • Versatile Skill Set: Outside hitters are known for their versatility. Besides to your attacking and defensive abilities, you have solid serving skills. Whether it’s a powerful jump serve or a precise float serve, you can put pressure on the opponent’s reception.
  • Solid Passing Skills: Outside hitters are integral to the passing game. Your passing skills play a significant role in the team’s ability to maintain control of the game.

As a volleyball outside hitter, your combination of attacking, dynamic court coverage, versatile skill set, and solid passing skills make you a key player in your team’s success.

Outside Hitter Volleyball Positions:

The left-side hitter is the most common position for a volleyball outside hitter. Positioned on the left side of the net, you receive sets from the setter and attack the ball. You have the advantage of a wider hitting angle, allowing you to exploit gaps in the opponent’s block. You are often the primary scoring option for their team.

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How to Be an Outstanding Outside Hitter in Volleyball

Being an outside hitter in volleyball is an exhilarating position. As it requires skill, determination, and passion. To be a formidable outside hitter, you need to have a powerful and versatile attack, and strong defense. You also need to be physically strong and agile. Here’s how you can improve:

  • Work on your approach: Develop a consistent and explosive approach to generate power in your attacks. Practice your footwork and timing to maximize your jumping ability.
  • Perfect your arm swing: Focus on a strong and controlled arm swing. Use proper technique to maximize your hitting potential. Pay attention to your wrist snap and follow-through for added power and accuracy.
  • Practice different shot variations: Learn to mix up your attacks with line shots, cross-court shots, tips, and roll shots. This will keep the opposing team’s defense guessing and create opportunities for scoring.
  • Enhance your digging and receiving skills: Develop quick reflexes and anticipation. Do this to make accurate digs and receive serves effectively. Practice your platform technique and focus on staying low and balanced to control the ball.
  • Build explosive power: Incorporate plyometric exercises, such as box jumps and explosive lunges, into your training. This helps in enhancing your vertical jump and explosiveness.
  • Focus on agility and quickness: Perform ladder drills, cone exercises, and lateral movements. These drills can improve your agility and speed on the court.
  • Embrace challenges: Stay motivated and embrace the learning process. Every setback is an opportunity to grow and improve. Approach each practice and game with a positive attitude. Have a strong will to push yourself beyond your limits.
  • Stay mentally focused: Train your mind to stay focused during intense moments. Visualize success, practice positive self-talk, and stay mentally tough. This will help you stay composed and make smart decisions under pressure.

Remember, becoming an outstanding volleyball outside hitter takes time, dedication, and consistent effort. Work on refining your skills, push your limits, and always strive for improvement.


Becoming a volleyball outside hitter is within reach for any player willing to put in the effort. This position calls for a combination of skill and agility. Understanding the roles and responsibilities is key to achieving success. With practice, dedication, and the right mindset, you can develop the skills to excel. Hopefully, this article has provided you with valuable insights and helpful tips. It can help in your journey to becoming an outstanding volleyball outside hitter. Best of luck as you pursue your goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there 2 outside hitters in volleyball?

Yes, it is possible to have two outside hitters in volleyball. The decision to have two outside hitters depends on the team’s strategy and formation. Some teams opt for two strong outside hitters to maximize their offensive power. This approach can make the offense more dynamic and versatile.

How do you identify the outside hitter or spiker?

Identifying the outside hitter or spiker in a volleyball team is relatively straightforward. Here are a few ways to identify them:

  • Position on the court: The outside hitter typically lines up on the left side of the front row when facing the net. OH are positioned closer to the left antenna.
  • Rotation and substitutions: During rotations, players shift from one position to another. The outside hitter will move to the back row and eventually rotate back to the front row. Substitutions made specifically for the outside hitter position also indicate the designated player.
  • Offensive role: The outside hitter’s primary responsibility is to attack the ball from the left side of the court. OH often receives sets from the setter and aims to score points.

Is the outside or opposite hitter better?

It is not a matter of one position being inherently better than the other. Both the volleyball outside hitter and the opposite hitter have essential roles in volleyball. Each position brings unique strengths and responsibilities to the game. Both positions contribute significantly to the team’s offensive strategy and overall success.